About Mobaco Cottons


Mobaco is an Egyptian owned and run family operated business with roots dating back to almost a century ago. The brand was first established in 1974, in a small factory in Sudan Street with the idea of bridging the supply and demand gap for Egyptian made, high quality clothing. With the continuing success of the business, the company has grown to over 900 employees and expanded its operations to Bashtil, El Warraq, continuing to aspire towards excellence in quality, design and technology.


We are always striving to maintain a higher quality standard across the board, creating pieces that are designed to last, with the commitment of sourcing quality materials that are both natural and biodegradable such as Cotton, Linen, Wool, Silk and Cashmere.


Our factory is a fully centralized operation, with an integrated hub where design, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution all take place, driven by meticulous attention to quality and efficiency – elements that define the Mobaco name.